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Anyone and everyone can learn how to meditate. Meditation Training Academy is an easy to follow meditation program that you can fit into your everyday life. In addition to this we also offer several free meditation techniques and resources to help beginners start this incredible journey into self-discovery and finding a happier state of being.

Through this site and our paid and free meditation courses you will learn easy, simple, effective, and powerful meditations. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in meditation you can learn how to live a creative and full life through meditation.

Always keep in mind that “YOU CAN MEDITATE TODAY!”

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Learn How To Meditate With Meditation training Academy

Check Out Our Paid and Free Meditation Courses Today! Today more then ever it’s important to find practicality in meditation. Many people associate meditation as some drawn out religious practice that can take up hours of your day, this is not true.
You can learn how to meditate around your current lifestyle and commitments, in fact just taking 5 minutes out of your day to meditate can be as beneficial as taking an hour out of your day to meditate.Lets be honest not many people have an hour to spare, but most can find 5 minutes.

Your Perception of life, of who you can be and what you can do or have is 50% genetic and 50% influenced by the decisions you make about yourself as a child. Internal stress, results from decisions you have made about yourself. External stress can be caused by factors that are beyond your control.

When you experience even low level every day stress, your:

  • Blood pressure increases
  • Muscles Tense
  • Brain waves slow
  • Rate of breathing increases
  • Heart rate increases.

About Sharlene

Sharlene is the head trainer at the Meditation training Academy, a Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Master Practitioner and Trainer of Matrix Therapy, Master Trainer of Meditation, Master Wellness Coach Practitioner, as well as Living Passion and Purpose Practitioner.

sharlene licciardello meditation instructor at the meditation training academy - australia

Sharlene is a trainer at the Power Training and Coaching Institute as well as a member of Toastmasters. Sharlene has presented and spoken at many events nationally and internationally inspiring change in Individuals and organisations. Sharlene is a member of the Australian Board of NLP and the International Institute of Complementary Therapists.

Sharlene is dedicated to seeing people equipped with the skills and resources to achieve success in life and business, easily and effortless.

Sharlene has an extensive background in wellness coaching, heading up a team of coaches in Australia and New Zealand in wellness coaching and developing a successful business. As well as the founder of you can meditate today, a meditation training school teaching the art of mindfulness in everything that you do.

Sharlene is the Author of “Easy Meditations, simple meditations that you can do in 10min or less; and The Magic of Meditation, for personal growth.

Sharlene holistic approach to coaching and training will leave you feeling inspired.

Meditation changes the structure of the brain making it easier to change any limiting beliefs you have about yourself, it also makes it possible to change your response to stress.

Clients testimonials!

Now I’m able to shut the rest of the world off, acknowledge my problems and have space in my head.

Lauri Van Bodegraven

Lots of wonderful information and great tools/techniques. In absolute appreciation.

Much love !


Great day, really enjoyed all the various techniques!

Anne Radovan
sharlene licciardello meditation books author

Sharlene Licciardello, author of "Easy Meditations, simple meditations that you can do in 10min or less" and "The Magic of Meditation, for personal growth".

Meditation for many years has been seen as a form of eastern spirituality or prayer. A way of emptying the mind, failing to realise that meditation is a state that many people go into naturally and unconsciously.

You Can meditate Today is about educating individuals that meditation can be part of everyday life and that despite common belief, meditation has been part of every society and nationality, while the expression or the way in which that meditation was carried out may have differed.

Our trainers are highly educated individuals in all areas of life from corporate to wellness, coaches and even counselors have seen the value of meditation not only in there personal life but also in their relationships, career and health.

Meditation is not hard, it only requires you to give it a go, The You can Meditate courses are designed to show you how you can give it a go and incorporate it into your daily life.

You can meditate today, is dedicated to train educate and motivate individuals and groups to get more out of life, work, relationships, business and health by finding out the latest techniques of meditation and bringing them to the world in a simple easy to follow way that enhances your performance.

To find out more on how you can get more out of life or to join our team of meditation instructors feel free to complete the feedback form in the contact us section.

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